Wow, you work for Uproar Comics!?!

So over the last few months i've been working heavily with the guys at Uproar comics on several projects, most Notably their flagship series Zombie Hi and a newly (as of yet unrealised series i'll get into later.) I've been given a short supporting role in an issue and after some cover work i've been given a shot at the main story.

To begin with I submitted a portfolio of work to them and got an email saying they liked what they saw and they'd like to bring me in. I began working with them on a little short 6 page story at the back of issue 10 called "cold feet".


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After that went down pretty well, I was given the task of doing the cover for the next issue, although not coloured by me, I was pretty honoured to involved, I don't wanna fire the full cover out so i'll put out some tests. 

Well after that all went down, I was approached to work on a totally new series, and as a comic artist, this is pretty much the best thing ever. I'm still new in the trade but i'll take any exposure I can get and working on my own series (I pencilled and inked this series myself). The series itself called "Stanger" is a paranormal western that is something i'm very excited about, if I had been given this opportunity a year ago I would have turned it down because I didn't believe I was ready but I though "fuck it" and jumped in. 

So I've finished the first 12 pages of the digital version, and I hope to get to see it come to print, because this is pretty huge for me and I loved every minute of it, and for being arsed reading this blog here's a world exclusive preview at my favourite page so far, with hopefully a lot more to come.