Cosmic Bacon is the portfolio site for Belfast based illustrator John Mc Farlane. Cosmic Bacon was created in 2010 as a digital outlet for the display and sale of the personal artwork of John Mc Farlane. The name Cosmic Bacon comes from the owners love of both space and breakfast treats.

Currently lead Animator and art contributor to Outsider Games, began there in 2015 and over the year worked on various titles, most notably Wailing Heights. 

As a person I enjoy comic books, sweet science fiction stories, The Big Lebowski and drinking rather cold beers. I'm also afraid of sharks, we all have our shortcomings.


All images used courtesy John Mc Farlane


Previous Clients

Outsider Games, Lightning Strike Comics (Sherlock Holmes charity issue), Uproar Comics (Zombies Hi artist), Comic Book Guys, Reddit, Kaz Hawkins, Gamesradar,, #IamIllustrator, Jr's Bar and Grill, Seaford Lagan Sushi, 

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