The Prisoner - Coming Soon -

Seeing as i'm now a residency student at the University of Ulster (well I actually have been for seven weeks but busy is as busy does) I have to come up with some kind of animation!

After a few late nights of scribbling and scrawling ideas down I finally worked out a decent story in which to test my every developing animation skills. I'm keeping it short, as work load increases exponentially when you're doing everything yourself, but learn though doing man!

So the story is fairly light in tone, It's about space (obviously, did you see what the site was called?), it has action, romance (not really) and badass space guns. SO why wouldn't you be interested.

I know i'm still very much a beginner when it comes to a full animation production but with every incursion I seem to learn more and more so why not keep it up. I've only gotten to the story board checkpoint so far but I'm pretty happy with what i've got so far.

I can't really show any production art because I done in it all in Blue pencil and the fucking thing doesn't scan, suppose I can use my phone, hold on.

I won't give away too much yet (as of this date) seeing as the project is still very early on but I have gotten as far as running some digital tests and beginning the storyboards for the trailer I'm preparing to build up some interest with the project.

Below are some design sketches and locations.

I'll not give away the specifics of the project as of yet, and as I find my feet on design and character feel, things might change as the project continues, I'm pretty pumped about this one. I think I should end up with something very cool. 

Below are some storyboard extracts, look at how sweet they look.