The Month of Host.

Over the last month i've had the extreme pleasure of showing one Tarra O' Connor around Ireland. 

An accomplished comic artist  that came to research here families past and to document the trip. Here book "Roots", the beneficiary of a recent very very successful kick starter campaign  brought here to the country to see how life works in the emerald isle and to find out a about her family.

It was a blast showing her around the pretty little island i'm happy enough to call my home, and I had a huge amount of fun in the process of seeing an American experience Irish weather first hand (gladly, she was a big fan of rain). 

The trip lasted just under a month, and it was about a month too short as far as i'm concerned, but I'm glad she got to see the sticks at all. I wish I could have shown her more and I tried to impart as much as I could for the sake of her book (she got doses of Belfast slang) and I hope it makes for a more interesting read for her many many fans.

Sad to see her go, very sad.  

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